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Gelato Pasteurizer

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Low temperature pasteurization: heating to 65°C and keeps for 30 minutes.

Medium temperature pasteurization: heating to 75°C and keeps for 7 minutes.

High temperature pasteurization: heating to 85°C and keeps for 1 minute.

Fully automatic control:

  • Integrating pasteurization and homogenization in one machine.
  • The process of heating and pasteurizing takes only 25 minutes.
  • When the process completes, a sound beeps to informs the operator.
  • Heating temperature can be set freely.
  • The mixing and shearing system makes the raw material into very small particles, and the homogenization system greatly improve the emulsification effect, which is the key to manufacture high-quality ice cream.
  • Stainless-steel and thermal insulated lid save energy.

Capacity: This machine handles 8 to 15 liters of raw materials.

Power specification: 380V/3/50Hz, 220V/3/60Hz; 220V/1/60Hz or 50Hz

Power: 2.8KW

Product parameters:

Model Mix15PH
Raw material handling cylinder function (litres) 15
Functional Range of Raw Material Handling Cylinder (litres) 8~15
Capacity (litres) 15
Process Time (Maximum Raw Material Treatment Range)/Min 20~25
Electric power specification 380v/3/50 Hz

220v/3/60 Hz

220v/1/50-60 Hz

Installation power specifications 2.8 kw
Machine size / mm Plane dimension Wide 408
Deep 592
Height 385

Finished ice cream products