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Manufacturer of Commercial Batch Freezer and Professional Gelato Machine.
Various range of products includes:
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  • Cream Whipping Machines
  • Large Gelato Pasteurizer
  • Gelato Cabinet
  • 3-in-1 Batch Freezers with built-in pasteurizers
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    Gelato Pasteurizer

    we provide various high quality gelato pasteurizer and other products such as, batch freezer,gelato cabinet..offer you commercial ice cream equipment at the most affordable price.

    Mix60L Pasteurizer:
    Pasteurizing + Homogenizing + Aging Machine (3-in-1)
    Homogenizing speed and Blending speed :
    High speed rotor for blending and homogenizing, low speed for blending. System will switch automatically to homogenizing speed when temperature is higher than 55℃ to cut the ingredient particle into smaller size then squeeze and shoot out through small holes of stator to emulsify the ingredient. This is an important step to make high quality ice cream.
    More information:commercial batch freezercommercial ice cream machine supplier

    Mix15PH Pasteurizer Mix15PH Pasteurizer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):15
    Mix Capacity(Liter):8~15
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:20-25
    Mix15L(IT) Pasteurizer Mix15L(IT) Pasteurizer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):15
    Mix Capacity(Liter):8~15
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:60-80
    Mix30L(IT) Pasteurizer Mix30L(IT) Pasteurizer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):30
    Mix Capacity(Liter):15~30
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:100-110
    Mix60L(IT) Pasteurizer Mix60L(IT) Pasteurizer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):60
    Mix Capacity(Liter):30~60
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:110-120
    Mix140L(IT) Pasteurizer Mix140L(IT) Pasteurizer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):120
    Mix Capacity(Liter):40~120
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:140-150
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