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Manufacturer of Commercial Batch Freezer and Professional Gelato Machine.
Various range of products includes:
  • Batch Freezers
  • Cream Whipping Machines
  • Large Gelato Pasteurizer
  • Gelato Cabinet
  • 3-in-1 Batch Freezers with built-in pasteurizers
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  • Commercial Ice Cream Machine
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    Batch Freezer Equipment

    High-capacity pasteurizer batch freezer(simple and efficient).Best choice for small ice-cream, gelato production.Best Batch freezer manufacturer and supplier! We offer wide range of high quality commercial ice cream batch freezer products.

    Dawningice supply a wide range of batch freezers

    Dawningice supply a wide range of batch freezers which used in bakeries, hotels, restaurants etc. We fabricate these batch freezers using optimum quality raw materials based on advanced technology in comply with the quality standards. Our products are available in various shapes and sizes to meet your requirements and needs. Available for any operator to make the same high-quality gelato.

      Gelato Batch Freezer Machine Features Include:
    • Water cooling and lower noise
    • Digital display, Simple control and maintenance
    • Perfect combination of pasteurizing and batch freezing( 3-in-1)
    • Reliable and high performance
    • Easy cleaning(built-in water hose)
    • Unique design

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    Advantage of batch freezers

    Batch Freezer for Gelato,Gourmet ice cream ,Sorbet-M140ITL batch freezer equipment:Safe Operation-The system is not going to work when the door is open.There is one extra Emergent Stop Red Button could stop the machine any time.;Powerful refrigeration capacity:10 hp refrigeration capacity is one of the most powerful machine in the global market for similar models. More powerful refrigeration capacity could make smoother ice cream.;Double Speed Freezing:Low speed freezing for making Italian gelato, and high speed freezing for making high overrun ice cream.

    M28ITS M28ITS
    Batch Freezer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):4
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Time:1.5-2.5
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Hour:18-28
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:5-7
    M42ITS M42ITS
    Batch Freezer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):6
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Time:2-4
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Hour:24-35
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:6-8
    M48ITS M48ITS
    Batch Freezer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):10.5
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Time:3-6
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Hour:35-50
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:7-9
    M72ITS M72ITS
    Batch Freezer
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):18
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Time:5-14
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Hour:50-72
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:7-11
    M140ITL M140ITL
    Mix Tank Capacity(Liter):31
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Time:10-22
    Mix Capacity(Liter)/Hour:80-110
    Process Time(Maximum Mix Capacity)/Min:10-15
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