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[Dawningice Workshop] Knowledge and skills for gelato fans

[Dawningice Workshop] Knowledge and skills for gelato fans

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In the renewal season of Vientiane,

Meet your friends who love ice cream, come to Dawningice Machinery and start working.

Learn pleasing ice cream,

Sweet on face and heart.

With a contented expression and joy after success,

Take pictures and record everything.Hey! Did you miss the ice cream class from April 9th to 10th?

This is Aromitalia's first ice cream class in China.

Before, I always ate ice cream.

I also always think that ice cream is learned on the first day of the course.

It should be very simple!

Where do I know, after two days of classes,

Only to discover that there are too many knowledge points that need evil supplements!

The first is that the theoretical knowledge professional explains the ingredients contained in Gelato and the proportion of each ingredient.

And how these ingredients affect ice cream

Students from all over the place carefully recorded

Focus on any step, even the most basic knowledge

Next is a combination of practicality in addition to their passion for ice cream

The most important thing is the actual operation

Next, how to make pure Italian ice cream

There is also the difference between Italian handmade ice cream and ice cream in the course

From the basics to making ice cream,

From what is Gelato to how to make Gelato

A true ice cream concept

This ice cream dessert teaching also includes teaching about ice cream cakes and handmade popsicles.

Ice cream sculpting and heart-shaped two-tone ice cream cake are here

In the ice cream course of Dawningice and Aromitalia, I enjoyed the authentic Italian ice cream. The students also tried the entire production process by themselves, and completed the ice cream course successfully!