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June ice cream course ends, July Gelato tour is waiting for you

June ice cream course ends, July Gelato tour is waiting for you

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In the summer, only ice cream can save you and me in the "water and fire"

Take a sip of ice cream, and the pores that are bound are stretched by the sweet cold

The breeze passed through each hair to the atrium,

I feel better without knowing it ...

So what is the best ice cream in the world?

An ice cream class to give you the perfect interpretation

By professional ice cream teacher

From the origin of ice cream to the analysis and introduction of raw materials,

From the usage and principle of equipment to the explanation of ice cream recipe and production

After the explanation by the professional ice cream teacher

Started live demonstration of Italian ice cream making demonstration

Step1 prepare fresh kiwi

(What the teacher wants to do is kiwi ice cream)

Step1 Stir the kiwi into juice

Step3 Pour ingredients into the Downing Ice Cream Machine in proportion

After the preparation time, the kiwi ice cream is freshly baked

Make the perfect kiwi ice cream

Next, the teacher will start to make a cute little paw ice cream.

Although it's hot, it can't reduce the enthusiasm of the students for learning

After the professional sharing of the ice cream teacher

Classmates hands-on

In order to achieve the deduction and reduction of ice cream making skills

Start preparing ingredients

[Concubine Lychee Bayberry Ice Cream]

[Mango Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream]

[Banana chocolate paw ice cream]

[Peach watermelon ice cream]

Do you find it interesting?

Of course, this process is not only fun

the most important,

It ’s a different mood to make delicious food by yourself ~

From basics to making ice cream yourself

For classmates,

This is perhaps the freshest enlightenment class for the ice cream dream

The best thing is to record this scene with photos

In Dawningice Ice Cream Course

Enjoying authentic Italian ice cream

2-day course

Do the entire production process yourself

Complete the ice cream course!